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"People Places Plants" Magazine Summer 2004 Edition

"People Places Plants" Magazine Summer 2005 Edition


“I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” said Bill Turull Jr., owner of Garden Sales in Manchester, referring to building a family horticultural business (PPP, Early Summer 2004).

You might say Turull was born into horticulture. His dad, Bill “Pops” Turull Sr., now deceased, was a noted rosarian and ardent nurseryman who started Garden Sales when Bill Jr. was a boy. Together the Turulls grew the business from a part-time enterprise to a full time operation that simultaneously supported four generations of the family.

“My mom and dad are the hardest-working people I know,” Said David Turull, Bill Jr.’s son. “This is a hard business to be in. You’re going from morning til night. There is always something to worry about, something to take care of, because you’re dealing with a living, breathing thing. Frost, not enough rain, too much rain, weeds, keeping plants fresh – it’s more than a full time job. And I’m always one step behind my father! He’s amazing!”

“The trick to making a family business like this work is to separate the family part from the business part,” Bill said. “Mix them up and you’re in for trouble, but make sure you leave time for both.” -- Len Giddix