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A majority of our Hosta's are a good size. Price sheets are in a mailbox located under our shaded area which is devoted to hostas. Our lists are updated monthly starting in June. We can fax or email updated price lists upon request. We have many other shaded plants located in the same general area.

Hosta List Pdf
Red leaf hosta 'First Blush'

Most of the roses on our list we pot ourselves. They are all #1 grade. I started potting roses with my dad in the 1950's (child labor). I learned a great deal about roses. My dad's first love of plants was the rose. He went on to be a recognized rosarian consultant and was a long time member of the Connecticut Rose Society. Everytime I pot, spray, prune or fertilize a rose, it's nothing but fond memories of Pop's and his late friend Donna Fuss. A rose is a beautiful thing, just like both of them!

We can order some roses you may be looking for throughout the season which are not on our list, including"Ohso Easy" and "Flower Carpet" roses.

Rose List Pdf

Pink Peace

All our peonies are dug in the field from our garden and potted in 2 and 3 gallon containers. Most all the peonies have a minimum of 5 eyes, even in the 2 gallon containers. Come visit our garden late May when the peonies begin blooming. Call before you come for best time.

Our Tree Peonies are 2 year old plants.

Peony List Pdf

Sea Shell

Over 100 Varieties including Siloam, Bi-color, Lavender & Purple, Near White, Orange, Pink , Red and Yellow Shades.

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